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What's in Sam's Makeup Bag?

Television presenter and reporter, Sam Pease, could be called the Gordon Ramsay of diets –  her recently released book is entertaining, fresh, and candid - she is not afraid to punctuate with passionate profanities.

In Eat Less Crap Lose that Fat, Sam teaches readers easy ways to lose weight. Whether you want to lose 5, 50, or 500 kilos, losing weight is easy once you have her secrets.

Five years ago Sam Pease was fat and frazzled. None of the popular diets appealed because they preached the same message give up all the foods you love and exercise for an hour, three times a week. That was never going to work for Sam (she despises gyms and is a carb-junkie), so she had to find new ways to trim down. Her book is a fresh and original approach to weight-loss and I for one love it!

Beauty Bible recently caught up with Sam to find out what she carries around in her makeup bag? Let’s find out....

Q: If we were to tip out the contents of your makeup bag what would we find?

YSL’s Touche Eclat, a used cotton bud [blush], MAC Red lipstick, MAC bronzer, MAC mineral powder, a Revlon grey palette eyeshadow, Revlon nude lip gloss, a few pharmacy-brand brushes and Maybeline Colossal mascara.

Q: What are the beauty products you always carry in your handbag?

Mineral powder, bronzer and MAC Red – it makes your teeth look whiter.

Q: What is your fail-safe makeup look?

I’m inherently lazy with make-up so I do what I call the Minute Make-up Masterclass. It literally takes a minute – a few swipes of Touche Eclat, a light dusting of mineral powder or bronzer, lashings of mascara and a hot red or pink lipstick. Instead of doing my hair, I throw on a hat and I’m good to go.

Q: What is your all-time favourite beauty product?

YSL’s Touche Eclat. It’s foolproof.

Q: Lipstick or lip gloss?

It all depends on whether I’m going to be kissing… If I am – nude lip gloss. If I’m not – then I colour-up with something bright.

Q: Tell me about your skincare routine?

My mother used soap and almond oil most of her life and her skin was beautiful into her seventies. I tend to take the “less is more (but really I can’t be bothered)” approach, so I wash it [my skin] with a supermarket-brand cleanser while I’m in the shower, then moisturise with Clinique Moisture Surge.

Q. Do you have any secret beauty tips you can share?

Ditch foundation! I prefer to be comfortable with the fact that my skin isn’t perfect and just use a few dashes of concealer/highlighter under my eyes and a bit of mineral powder or bronzer. If your skin isn’t clear enough to get away with just wearing powder, drink more water, eat less salt and sugar and stop using so many creams and products on your face. Yes, yes, genes have a part to play – but it’s okay to not look like an over-styled, air-brushed pop star…

Q: What has been your biggest beauty blunder?

Being a teenager in the 80s. Rectangular-shaped, sparkly orange blusher, sparkly orange eyeshadow, sparkly orange lipstick… I looked like I’d been mugged by a Halloween pumpkin.

Q: What are your five biggest beauty indulgences?

Kerastase shampoo and conditioner, laughter, riesling (which always makes me laugh more), not taking myself too seriously and tickle-cuddles with my son (even though he’s growing out of them). Anything that makes your soul glow will ultimately make your skin glow too.

Emma xx

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