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It's Time to Get a Little Lippy!

It may come as a surprise but New Zealand women are surprisingly reluctant to wear one of the world’s most convenient accessories - lipstick.

Perhaps it’s a reflection of our reserved nature and our relaxed Kiwi style but when it comes to painting our pouts, it seems we safely opt to go au natural for fear of standing out. 
In a bid to influence change, Maybelline New York is launching a new campaign called ‘Get A Little Lippy’ for the women of New Zealand. And that means,  it’s time to liberate lips and feel more confident in  lipstick decisions.
A recent survey through Maybelline New York’s New Zealand Facebook community reveals 40 per cent of those polled  wear lipstick only a couple of times a month – apparently the idea of applying lipstick correctly, and in a complimentary shade, is just too daunting  for some.

A further 30 per cent wear it a couple of times a week, "depending on their mood" and 30 per cent of consumers wear lipstick every day and "feel naked without it".
So why are we so reluctant to get a little lippy? According to Maybelline New York New Zealand make-up artist Julia O’Neil, it’s because we become familiar with seeing our face in a certain way. 
“Many women think they don’t suit lipstick but, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth,” Julia says. “When changing something on your face you become very aware of it and with a change in lip colour, this may feel overwhelming.
“Just because you’re highly aware of the change, others won’t be but they will undoubtedly see how fabulous you look. Splashing on your chosen shade gives your face a boost of colour - literally within seconds.”


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