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How to Apply BB Cream

The very first time I got my hands on this ‘wonder’ product, I must admit, I had no idea how to apply it. After a couple of failed attempts there was only one thing left to do; ask for some advice, of course.

Thankfully, I have a friend who’s a make-up artist, so all I needed to do was pick up the phone, easy! But, not everyone is as fortunate as me, so I’ve asked Maybelline New York’s NZ make-up artist, Julia O’Neil, to share with us her top tips on how to apply a BB Cream properly. Here’s what she had to say.  Emma xx

Julia’s top tips:

BB creams are great multi-purpose creams that provide coverage, blur imperfections, and nourish the skin all at the same time.

I find BB creams work best when applied with the fingertips, this is especially the case with Maybelline's Dream range of BB creams as they are gel-based, and the gel texture means the product glides easily onto the skin.

Try taking your BB cream and warming it up in your fingertips then apply over your face starting at the centre and blending outwards in sweeping motions. Make sure it is well blended at the edges of the face and down the neck.  

A BB Cream is designed to provide lightweight, luminous cover, but if you have areas of redness or hyper pigmentation you can always apply extra over those areas in a patting motion to build up the cover.

- Julia O’Neil - Maybelline New York NZ Make-Up Artist

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