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Radiance Superfoods Coconunt Water Powder 100g
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Radiance Superfoods Coconunt Water Powder 100g

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Radiance Superfoods Coconunt Water Powder 100g

Coconut water is known to be a good source of 5 key electrolytes – sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus – which hydrate and nourish the body. Radiance Superfoods® Coconut Water Powder offers the same electrolytes as coconut water, but in a convenient powdered form, ready for mixing with water.
  • Rich in electrolytes, vitamins & minerals – great for sports people!
  • A natural, effective way to rehydrate
  • Supports metabolism and optimal energy levels
  • Helps to relax tight and cramping muscles
  • Supports alkalising of tissues – can support joint comfort


Radiance Superfoods™ Coconut water powder provides electrolytes to help replenish essential mineral salts, for optimum water balance, that can be lost during daily activities, exercise and sweating; for muscle function and other important bodily processes. This is why coconut water has become the rehydration drink of choice for athletes looking to avoid the preservatives and artificial ingredients in sports drink.

Active Ingredients:

Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) Water Powder


Simply add 10g (2 teaspoons) to 250ml water or add to juices, smoothies, yoghurt and use in cooking, baking, on cereals and more!
FOR SPORTS: Add 20g to water and drink before, during or post training to help replenish electrolytes.

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