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Eye love you!

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Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and it’s all about eyes according to Lisa Matson, L’Oréal Paris New Zealand’s make-up director.

Beauty Bible was lucky enough to catch up with Lisa recently to get her top tips for creating eyes that will make your man melt.

To create a sultry smoky eye select colours with depth – like L’Oréal Paris’ Trio Pro or Open Eyes Pro range of shadows in tones of black, dark grey, brown, blue or purple for example.  

Start by creating your shape with a complimentary coloured eyeliner and shade in the area you wish to intensify (usually around outer area of eye); then blend eye shadow over top smudging out the eyeliner edges to achieve your ‘smoky’ look.  

For a fashion-forward look, try a tantalising 50’s glamour eye.  

Simply apply a soft toned base eye shadow (e.g. cream or light gold) over the entire lid and follow with black eyeliner - 50’s style.

L’Oréal Paris’ Superliner Felt-Tip Eyeliner or Superliner Gel Intenza will look the most effective; but for easy application create your shape first with a pencil eyeliner then copy over top with the liquid or gel.

Importantly forget trying to apply your eyeliner in one steady line, instead do it in short dashes for more control.

Eye shadows that sparkle in gold, silver, bronze or jewel tones look beautiful in candle light, so try adding a little metallic glamour to your lids.

If you’re going for a little eye flutter action then ensure your lashes are ‘flutter’ worthy!  

Long, thick dramatic lashes can easily be achieved with L’Oréal Paris’ Lash Architect 4D in Black Lacquer!