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How-To: 'Sucker Punch' your Makeup

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How-To: 'Sucker Punch' your Makeup

We love ‘Sucker Punch’, the makeup alone makes it a must see!

Each of the main characters in Sucker Punch has a unique, different look.

The makeup for the main character, Baby Doll, was inspired by Brigitte Bardot in the 60’s era (LOVE Brigitte Bardot) and Japanese Anime cartoon characters. Her gorgeous look is emphasised by dramatic eyeliner and lots of long lashes - so glamorous, yet sweet and innocent.

New Zealand Fashion Week 2010 New Talent: Makeup artist winner Asrita ( advises to start with a smooth base of foundation with blot powder to set. The eyes are the main focus of this look and it’s important to pay attention to the smallest detail when applying makeup for achieving the ‘Baby Doll’ eyes.

Smooth over some eye shadow primer over the lids.  This will ensure staying power for your eye makeup and create a smooth base for you to glide the shadow on.  Paint Pot from MAC works best and won’t let you down.  Using an eye shadow brush, pat some white shadow on the lids and blend out well using a blending brush.  Contour the crease in a perfect crescent shape with black eye shadow, blending the edges so there aren’t any harsh lines. Using an angle or eyeliner brush, outline the upper lash line with MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, with the ends flicked out. Make the liner thick which is reminiscent of the 60’s era.

Apply thick, long faux lashes to achieve the doe-eyed innocent look.  Complete this look with a voluminous mascara to blend in your natural and faux lashes together and enhance them.

The cheeks should look flushed, and you can achieve this by adding a nude or pink toned blush to the apples of your cheeks and blending well.

The lips are kept quite soft and natural. Begin with a nude liner and finish with some nude or rose tinted gloss.

This look is reminiscent of the 60’s. It’s dramatic, glamorous and eye-catching. While the classic 60’s makeup incorporates the use of black and white shadow on the lids, this look can also be created using neutral tones on the lids for a day look, with a light shade of brown on the lids contoured with a complimentary dark brown along the crease.

Sucker Punch is the ideal date night film, with action and hot girls for your boy, and a fantastic plot and cute make up and costumes for our eye candy – this is the last week in cinemas, so go see it now!

Article by Selina Daysh