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How-to: Beat Ingrown Hairs

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How To: Beat Ingrown Hairs

altWinter signals dry skin, but also, arrgh, increased ingrown hairs! We’ve put together the ultimate line of defence to keep the unsightly red bumps at bay. And, we let you in on the best tricks to get rid of the ones that are already there.


altDefence: Riffi Mitt 
This unsuspecting looking little gem will exfoliate off the top layer of skin so the little hairs won’t have any trouble getting through. Use it 3 days after your wax, daily until your next appointment.
altDefence:  Cotton is King 
You’ve heard it before, and I’m sure your waxer has let you know – wear cotton underwear and loose pants post-wax. The first couple of days are vital in the fight against ingrowns, so give your follicles some space.
altAttack: PFB 
I’ve tried them all, including Tend Skin, which made my skin very over dry. PFB is gentle, acting as a chemical exfoliant throughout the day and softening the skin so when you exfoliate next the hairs will pop right through. It’s gentle and best of all it works! My boyfriend even uses it on his beard and swears by it.
altAttack: Tweezers 
Don’t try to get those ingrowns out yourself! Specialist waxers, like the girls at Off Wax Bar, who have won best wax for the past two years, use hypodermic equipment and tried and tested techniques to attack any ingrown issues with minimal drama.
And another little waxing trick – the more regularly you get it done, the less it hurts. Try 3 week intervals if you have a low pain threshold. 
Article by Selina Daysh