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How-to: Avoid Winter Ailments

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How to: Avoid Winter Ailments

altA bright red nose, squinty eyes and oodles of tissue – I’m not talking about Santa getting ready for a mid-winter Christmas, but the dreaded flu that circulates this time of year! Not pretty. Prevention is better than a cure, so here are out top tips to prevent and deal with colds and flu.

1. Get your beauty sleep. Not only will it keep you looking good, your body naturally detoxifies and rejuvenates while you’re sleeping. Stick to a good routine that involves at least 8 hours sleep, and make sure your asleep by 11pm. From 11pm – 3am most of your blood concentrates in the liver, neutralises and breaking down toxins accumulated throughout the day.


2. Eat healthy food – soups, steamed veggies and simple foods. I live by a book called The Healthy Skin Diet which has tonnes of recipes not only to keep you looking good, but feeling healthy too.


3. Take your vitamins.  Echimax contains Echinacea, vitamin C and Zinc in a tasty chewable tablet, it’s a must have supplement for the winter. We’re not getting out vitamin D from the sun anymore and it is an ‘immune modulator’, around 3% of all Kiwis are deficient so you might want to think about taking a supplement. See your doctor to find out if you have a deficiency. 


4. If you do get struck down your first priority is to rest, cancel your plans and skip the gym. Stock up on Lemsip and cough medicine. Eliminate all dairy products which can up the phlegm factor and replace your coffee with warming and anti-inflammatory Ginger tea or soothing Liquorice root tea. You probably won’t have the energy to bother with makeup but, a few eye drops, a dust of mineral powder and bit of lip gloss will have you looking  up to public consumption. 









Article by Selina Daysh