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Product Review: BeeNigma Cream

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You may have seen the advertisements on TV or read articles about skincare products which contain bee venom and the benefits it can have on your skin, but have you ever tried any?


If I’m completely honest with you, I wasn’t totally convinced at first, but after some pots of BeeNigma Cream landed on my desk I couldn’t resist putting it through its passes to find out what so many people are raving about.  

BeeNigma with its unique and powerful ingredients stimulates the skin to naturally produce collagen and elastin from within the body, and gets to work where it counts, halting and reversing the three main causes of ageing skin, the loss of collagen and elastin, plus the breakdown of hyaluronic acid.

So how does it work?

The skin reacts to the venom as if it has been lightly stung, triggering our body to produce these skin refining agents (collagen and elastin) and makes your skin look, and feel, smooth and youthful.

After using this little pot of bee venom gold I was pleasantly surprised and so was my skin. Some face creams can feel quite heavy on the skin but I found this product to be very light and more importantly non-greasy. I will certainly continue using it and look forward to seeing the results as time goes by.

I also gave a pot to a couple of my colleagues to try, and here’s what they thought:

I found BeeNigma to be refreshing, light and non-greasy, the product has a nice fragrant smell which wasn’t too strong.  My skin actually feels softer and firmer than before, which is wonderful.  I will be purchasing this product again for sure.
- Phoebe

I was a very excited when I was handed over a new premium New Zealand bee venom cream called BeeNigma to take home and try out.  

I like the fact that it is a New Zealand made product and if it does what the packaging says "with its breakthrough actives it is natures answer to botox and my answer to younger, tighter and more beautiful skin" it has to be a good thing in my mind. Age is creeping up on me and anything that’s going to help slow down the downhill slide is just what I need.

I’ve been applying the recommended twice daily dose for the past week and I have noticed an improvement in my skins elasticity and the way it feels. I’m looking forward seeing the long term results.
- Karla

Try it out for yourself and if you’re not 100% amazed with the results you can send your empty jar back as long as it’s within 30 days of purchase. You will also need to send them your receipt or proof of purchase to receive a full refund, including shipping costs, no questions asked! Now that’s a guarant(b)ee!

Bee venom has become the next must-have skin care product and has been quickly embraced by many of Hollywood's biggest stars. And let's face it; they can pretty much have anything they want, with specialists telling them daily which benefits are the greatest. Yet they choose New Zealand bee venom cream.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are allergic to bee stings you must seek medical advice from your doctor on whether this product is suitable for you to use.

Also read more reviews and if you have tried this product tell us what you thought.

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