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Learn To Love Your Quirks

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Learn To Love Your Quirks

Women are constantly bombarded with articles on ‘how to fix your flaws’ but here at Beauty Bible we think it's time for a reality check... Just maybe those flaws are what make you YOU!

Flaws are only flaws to one person, that being you, to everyone else they are utterly cute quirks that make you, well, you!

If you fix all of your supposed flaws, the best you can hope to become is completely average - and who wants to be that? Check out our list of super cute imperfections that make their celeb owners completely perfect…


Jessica Hart and that gap in her front teeth: Australian born model Jessica Harts’ gap has become her trademark and it’s definitely not hindered her career in any way. Hart is the face of denim label Guess, has featured in the likes of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and has just shot Seafolly’s latest campaign. "I did go to the dentist once before I started modeling to see what I would have to do to have it closed. He said he would have to snip my gum and I would have to have braces for three years, which I thought was worse than just having the gap.” If she closed the gap, she would not be the Jessica Hart the modeling world has come to know and love!







Kylie Minogue and her petite 5ft tall frame: For some reason it has been drilled into us that to be beautiful you need to be tall – this is not at all the case. Take for example, the adorable and always gorgeous Kylie Minogue who stands at just 152cm and has still been voted in Australian men's magazine Zoo as one of the Top 50 Hottest Babes Ever and was also voted number one for the Best Legs in Show Business ahead of Cameron Diaz and Naomi Campbell.














Cindy Crawford and that mole: Growing up Cindy had always said she was uncomfortable with her mole, and considered having it removed, but beauty experts now praise the blemish as the facial distinction that makes Crawford the recognizable face she is today. Her trademark mole which sits just above the lip didn’t stop her from being named #3 on VH1's 40 Hottest Hotties of the 90s.







Cintia Dicker and those freckles: A lot of girls with freckles feel less sexy than those who don’t, but check out Sports Illustrated Supermodel Cintia Dicker, who was also cover girl for the magazine; she has red hair, freckles and is absolutely gorgeous! Alex Bilmes of Vogue UK once had this to say about freckles: “Freckles are sexy. Freckles should be fetishised, embraced, touched, and kissed. Freckles, more than anything, are a provocation: if I can see that some of you is freckled, I can’t help wondering about the rest. If your face is freckled, what does your back look like, your stomach, your thighs…?” Don't hate your freckles, they are fabulous.







Kate Bosworth and those eyes: Bosworth was born with sectoral heterochromia, resulting in a hazel section at the bottom of her right blue eye, while the left is completely blue. Superman Returns director Bryan Singer loved Kate’s different coloured eyes so much that even her Lois Lane doll has them. “The doll doesn’t really look like me at all, but the eyes are very distinct.” she says.







Kate Moss and that flat chest: Many flat chested women feel insecure about their busts and say they feel less sexy or less of a women because of it. Kate Moss is one hell of a sexy women and she is only an A cup, It’s all about learning how to make the most of what you do have. Plus, it’s a lot easier to fake big boobs with the help of a little padding and well placed makeup than it is to make them look smaller.








Kim Kardashian and that bum: When in the fitting room the first thing we ask ourselves - or our friends is ‘does my bum look big in this?’ It's time to forget that question and embrace Kim Kardashian’s take that your bum is never big enough. The bootilicious beauty has really only become famous thanks to her rounded derrière which she flaunts in sprayed on dresses at every opportunity.