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Kerastraight – The New Generation Hair Straightening Treatment

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The New Generation Hair Straightening Treatment

Recently Janelle Rennie, PR Guru for PANDORA Jewelry told me about her latest ‘lust have’ when it comes to hair straightening… so I thought it only fit to share with my Beauty Bible devotees…


It’s been some time since I wrote my last article on hair straightening. I’m Janelle, aka ‘obsessive hair straightening junkie’ who has tried everything and anything to control my natural-mousey-brown-white-girls-fro with ‘sheep wool like coarseness’ (a very well respected hair dresser of the year winner described my hair as this, I cried) that I can say is one of the not so great genetic traits I inherited from my dad.

Always one to keep an eye on the overseas hair straightening market, I’d heard of the ‘Brazilian Blowdry’ and had been waiting patiently for someone to bring it to New Zealand. So when I was invited to Bettjemans Orakei Hair Spa to be treated to the revolutionary new Kerastraight treatment – it would be fair to say I punched the air, twice even…

What is KeraStraight?
KeraStraight is a straightening and repair treatment based around the use of bio-polymers which straighten the hair rather than using harsh chemicals. It can be used in all hair types (you don’t have to have an afro, it also makes straight or wavy hair look so glossy and gorgeous) and best of all it is the first straightening treatment that can be used in bleached or highlighted hair!

Keratin is a natural compound found in hair, skin and nails and this protein gives the hair its strength. This Keratin is sourced from New Zealand sheep and processed into this miraculous product. With the use of white clay, Keratin and 22 karat gold, your hair is fortified and left in a highly conditioned state. There are no curly roots or frizzy ends as it gradually fades out evenly over a period of four months and slowly returns to its pre-treatment stage.

Before and after.

What to expect from KeraStraight:
If your hair is dull, dry and damaged or curly, wavy or just unmanageable, a single treatment of KeraStraight will give you the kind of hair you can only dream off whilst flicking through the latest edition of Vogue. Director Jeanette Cork, a professional hair stylist of 25 years, bought this revolutionary product back to New Zealand after discovering it on a trip to the United Kingdom where it has only been available for the previous two years. Jeanette is now New Zealand’s Master Trainer for KeraStraight and simply cannot keep up with the demand “after I treated Polly’s hair from the ZM morning crew, she can’t stop raving about it” says Jeanette “the results in her unruly hair were truly amazing”.

The KeraStraight Process:
Walking into Bettjemans Orakei Hair Spa, I’m greeted by Master Trainer Jeanette and owner Phif. The spa is gorgeous, and I’m escorted to their specially designed KeraStraight treatment room, given a gorgeous white robe to pop on, and offered green tea. Armed with a pile of salacious magazines, and my tea brewing, I’m told the process takes between two to four hours, depending on hair length, and that mine will take about four hours today.
My hair is cleansed with a penetrating shampoo that gently opens the hair shaft (and smells delicious). It is then towel dried and the KeraStraight Treatment is applied. The developing time for this process is about 20 minutes, my hair is then blow dried and using 230 degree ceramic straightening irons, each portion of the hair is meticulously ironed 10 times to seal in the treatment.

Once the ironing process is complete, your hair needs to be left loose, product free and not shampooed for three further days (72 hours). I have to refrain from tucking my hair behind my ears (easier said that done this one), clipping it, tying it or getting too sweaty – but my goodness the results are worth it! Upon washing my hair (shampooing twice to get rid of the product build up) and blow drying it, it’s straight, healthy, glossy and I don’t even consider taking my irons to it, I don’t have to!!!

The Final Equation:
•Cost: $500- $700 (depending on hair length) the cost will be given to you prior, usually following a free consultation.
•Time saved every morning: 40 minutes
•Number of bad hair days: None
•More information:

Special Thanks to Jeanette – ‘Good hair day giver and straightening extraordinaire’, and the team at the gorgeous Bettjemans Hair Spa. See you in four months guys!

Article by Janelle Rennie