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The Beauty Bible Winter Tanning Code of Conduct

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The Beauty Bible Winter Tanning Code of Conduct

Winter tanning Orange fake tan? Almost as bad as swearing in church on a Sunday....

Winter tanning - a tough old chestnut this one. Should we? Shouldn't we?

Interesting question this, after all, having a tan in winter is not natural, and the name of the game should always be to look, well, natural.

Although I would love to live in a world where people embrace the paste, the truth is, artfully applied fake tan in winter can give you a fabulous glow and boost the complexion (not to mention general self-confidence!).

The picture at the top of this page is a great example of perfect winter tanning execution - follow Beauty Bibles simple rules, and you too, can be glowing and fabulous looking.

The Beauty Bible Winter Tanning Code of Conduct

Section 1: The look.

This is very important. The goal is not 'bronzed Brazilian beauty" - this is strictly reserved for high summer. If you go for this look, even if you execute perfect application you are still going to look Paris Hilton orange when sitting next you your paler friends.

The end result you are going for is 'warm and glowing' - it's a subtle look that will have others wondering what your secret is, without giving away the fact that you spend half an hour flapping your arms around in your bathroom last night naked while your fake tan dried.

Section 2: The feel

Winter skin is generally dryer and more scaly so you need to take good care to exfoliate and moisturise well. It is important to realise that doing this regularly (i.e 3 times a week) will get far better results than if you just do it as a last minute effort on the day you decided to fake tan.

Shave the day before you plan to tan so you don't get a nasty rash.

Section 3: Location, location, location

Obviously in winter you are going to be mostly covered up so a full body tan is not technically required - unless you have a marathon horizontal tango session planned with a new partner and want to look your best.

Beauty Bible recommends you do your face, decolletage, and down your arms on to your hands and keep the rest of your body covered in winter woollies.

Section 4: The procedure

Product? My go to is the ModelCo Airbrush Tan in a Can.
Like your own personal airbrush, it goes on as a fine mist leaving you with a smooth, natural tan. The deep golden pigment gives you an instant all-over healthy glow whilst the long lasting self-tanner develops underneath in hours. And it has a 360 degree nozzle to cover all those hard to reach areas!

Try to remember that in winter, because you have no natural base tan, so any fake tanning you are doing is going to stand out far more than when you are applying it to summer skin that already has colour.

Unless you are naturally quite tanned in the winter, stick to tanners that are designed for light to medium skin. This will give you the most natural look.

Go slowly, apply small amounts of product at once and make sure you don't miss a spot. Working systematically from top to bottom or bottom to top is a great idea.

Use a damp, old facecloth to remove excess product from your wrists, elbows and any other areas that could collect product ( i.e dry noses, brows, hairline, especially by the temples, and blemishes) and then moisturise over these places to blend the lines.

Section 5: The up-keep

You should not need to do this more than twice a week - and once may be perfect. Un-naturally tanned skin in winter looks ridiculous - so always stick to the motto that less is more.

Moisturise daily to make sure they tan sticks around and does not go patchy and reptile-like.

Bascially, all we suggest is that you act with a little decorum when it comes to fake tan. Because we care about you, and don't want you to look like this: