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HOW TO: highlight your face

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HOW TO: highlight your face

Highlighting your face makes your skin glow, helps to mimimise or maximise facial features and gives you that finished sheen you see in magazines. We teach you how to do it the right way here...

The basics:


The basic concept of shades when it comes to highlighting is that the colour of the product you use to highlight your face with must be either the same colour of your skin tone, or lighter, NEVER use a darker shade.


The product also needs to contain a slight shimmer to make you look all pretty and gleemy and new like.


You can buy products that are made specially for highlighting, but if you are on a budget there are other options - if you have a skin coloured eyeshadow that has a slight shimmer in it this will do the job too, as will a light bronzer.


Highlighting your face brings it to life, but you need to be careful where you put the highlighter as popping it in the wrong spots can both age you and give you that dreaded greasy skin look.


Places you should never highlight:


heavily blemished areas - it will just make them more obvious - shiny pimples? No thank you!


areas that have lines and wrinkles


under your eyes or around puffy, tired eyes


on already oily areas


Where to highlight to achieve that perfect, glowing, magazine skin:



straight down the middle of your nose (unless your nose is very wide, in which case you should skip this step)


underneath the brow


the top of the cheek bones (with a straight face - don't do this one smiling)


a tiny bit in the centre of the forehead.


around the jaw line


HOT TIP: Apply a small amount of highlighter to the area above the middle of the top lip (the cupids bow) - this will make your lips pop and look extra pouty and full.